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Sqabyfood Single Restaurant

Here at Sqabyfood, we provide a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for individual restaurants looking to improve their online visibility and streamline their food ordering processes. Our all-inclusive suite combines a user-friendly website, user-friendly mobile apps, and a cutting-edge web panel to enable restaurants to interact with customers in a smooth manner and realise their full potential as a business.

Admin Panel

Laravel Based Admin Panel

User App

(Android & IOS)

Restaurant App

(Android & IOS)

Delivery Boy App

(Android & IOS)

Why Choose SqabyFood Singlevendor Food Ordering App ?

User-Friendly Web Panel: With our web panel, restaurant owners can easily manage their menu, orders, and customer data on a single platform.restaurant staff can update menus, track orders in real-time, and analyse sales trends to make informed business decisions.

Mobile Apps for Better Accessibility: Our mobile apps, which work with both iOS and Android smartphones, give clients who are always on the go the ease of online ordering. Users may easily browse menus, make orders, and track delivery statuses thanks to a responsive and fluid UI, which improves the eating experience in general.

Dynamic Website for Increased Visibility: The restaurant's online shop attracts customers and increases internet traffic when it has an eye-catching, user-friendly website. The website is easily navigable and optimised for search engines. It highlights the restaurant's services and allows for online ordering, which increases consumer engagement and retention.

Secure Payment Gateway: We place a high priority on online transaction security, making sure that every payment made over our platform stays safe and secured. Consumers have flexibility and peace of mind with the range of payment options available to them, including digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and cash on delivery.

Customizable Solutions: We provide solutions that can be customised to meet the particular requirements and tastes of our customers because we recognize that every restaurant is different. 

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